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The Industry Forum

ISBN 1-891008-51-X (Print Version)
ISBN 1-891008-53-6 (e-Version)

The new Industry Forum edition addresses two important industry topics:

Pan-European Securities Market

A number of new initiatives are reshaping the European landscape of cross-border securities trading, clearing and settlement. Understanding the future impact of these changes is essential to foreign investors and service providers in the new pan-European market. Global custodians continue to enthusiastically participate in the significant developments now underway. Their experience provides a basis for identifying a number of invaluable insights about the expected benefits and planned improvements in the years ahead.

Our discussion was framed by a number of central questions asked of the global custodians:

What are the major challenges in the pan-European market?

Will the European Central Bank's TARGET2 Securities (T2S) settlement platform reduce risks and costs for Eurozone settlement?

Are the stated goals of the Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement being met?

How will Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF) impact service providers?

Does the emergence of Central Counterparties (CCP) create settlement problems in Europe?

Are ICSDs a competitive threat to global custodian's franchise?

The global custodians participating in this survey are the most well informed securities professional in the industry. Their insights and commentary provide an exceptional understanding of the nuances of this emerging market.

Emerging Markets

No attempt is made to cover all the EMs and/or all the mechanics of investing in a foreign country; these pursuits are left to other lofty, academic publications.  The focus of The Industry Forum is to explore the firsthand experiences of the world’s most experienced securities professionals in the EMs.  Emphasis is placed on helping the foreign investor avoid the pitfalls created by the many nuanced approaches in the local markets for such activities as market entrance, regulatory compliance, trade settlement, taxes and funds repatriation.  The most troublesome market practices are highlighted.

The Fact Book

An in-depth view—quantitative in nature—of worldwide assets-in-custody, country rankings, market share trends, securities lending balances and basis points spreads, alternative investments, subcustodian network expansions plans, foreign depositories and more. Packed with tables and charts which highlight current trends. All exhibits in color.
ISBN 1-891008-50-1 (Print Version)
ISBN 1-891008-52-8 (e-Version)

The Fact Book provides an informed basis to answer these questions:

Which global custodian(s) increased market share in the past three years?

Are investments in hedge funds growing? Where?

In 2008, which new emerging market countries are gaining favor with investors?  Network expansion plans in EMs provide a good indication.

EM custody assets mushroomed in 2007.  Which geographic region had the greatest growth?  … which three countries lead in the region?

Which EM countries rely on a single local bank for custody services?  You may be surprised by the list of over 30 countries!

Did you know that the securities lending business is conducted in over 60 markets?  Which countries rank highest in equity and fixed income lending?

Are you reaping the benefits of high BP spreads in the equities lending markets of France? or Japan?  Or maybe Ireland’s government bond market?

The answers to these questions - and more - are found in The Fact Book …packed with facts and exhibits in color!